D.I.M. will serve as our own place of space and rants, a venue of poems and songs. As we progress in this blog, we will be posting poems and songs of our own, maybe reblogging a few ones as well. What’s next for this site we do not know. One thing’s for sure: we just want all you readers to enjoy what we write This here's a little collection of all sorts. You could call it creativity.

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Apr 12, 2012
@ 8:51 pm

he’s not coming home

remember that kid you used to make hot coco for?

that kid you claimed greatness upon?

well he’s gone now actually, dead

don’t cry for him though 

cause i don’t need your pity

i hate your pity


Apr 12, 2012
@ 7:36 pm

To Forget, To Remember

This poem would be featured on http://soundcloud.com/ashkeachumYep! I’m releasing a 3-track demo on Friday the 13th (tomorrow) and ALL TRACKS WOULD BE UP FOR DOWNLOAD! Come check it out!! c:

Stuck in a place that we called home

Never got to find what went wrong

Some things remain in a room of no light

To shine just like the smiles we tried

To forget, to remember

If I left, would it be over

Everybody asks if words we say would last

Some people try, maybe they’d regret

To never have felt them again

From dark to light, these decisions

Affected dreams and inhibitions

With eyes shut tight


-Ash Keachum


Apr 2, 2012
@ 10:42 pm

I know

I know I’m just a kid

I have nothing on me well at least nothing of value

I know I’m stupid

Pretty empty up here or so you would think

I know I’m nobody

Who knows me? Who gives a damn?

If I had all what I didn’t have

All the wrong things you claim taken away?

I’d make a goddamn change to this world

But as of now I know I’m just a kid waiting for it


Apr 2, 2012
@ 4:56 pm
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My poem called “Different Isles”, originally posted in http://douchesinmanila.tumblr.com is now on Soundcloud! Give it a listen, and I’d really appreciate it. c:

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Mar 18, 2012
@ 7:03 pm

2 weeks

don’t ask me because i have godlike expectations

i’d want you to cure aids cancer and std in every nation

i’d ask you to buy me breakfast lunch and dinner

don’t forget the daily dessert from january to december

i know i’m selfish yes i am don’t tell me that i’m not

i am a naive and foolish boy not even worth a shot

so don’t go asking any favors from me

cause disappointment you will surely see


Mar 14, 2012
@ 7:43 pm

not for amazons and die hard feminists

Walked home today and I overheard what seemed to me a soap opera on the television.

woman: your boyfriend wants me (shrieking to an obvious couple)

man:…dead period

Moral of the story: Use punctuation even in verbal instances.

But according to women they hate their periods. This is why to me they are question marks.

Made purely for humor.


Mar 11, 2012
@ 10:16 pm
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babae lalake babae lalake

babae babae babae mababa eh

lalake lalake lalake ang lalaki

sadyang mas matankad ang lalake

kaysa sa mga babae

ngunit ang mga babae

sadyang masmabango sa lalake

kung ako ang papapiliin lalake o babae

masgugustohin kong katabi ang babae

kasi naman ako’y lalake


Mar 11, 2012
@ 12:52 am

yurup is a place

imagine that everything would be according to everyone’s liking

a kind of world where people are content and happy

hunger, thirst, and suffering are non-existent

isn’t it such a wonderful place?

now we all know that this could not be

it’s pretty foolish to think such a thing could exist

pretty sad, but then one should smile

because no one can hinder imagination


Mar 8, 2012
@ 8:03 pm


about a little to the right

was a girl under a light

there was nothing special about her

not that i could remember

but somehow my eyes are drawn

to her obvious direction

is this because i have no taste?

or is my attraction in such a haste?

this has often boggled my mind

i fear an answer i’ll never find


*this goes to the girl in one of my classes i catch myself looking at often